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Braces in Nagpur

Braces carry the potential to improve your smile. Braces are of prime importance when correcting dental issues. Some oral problems the braces rectify are crowding crooked teeth or teeth not in perfect alignment. Braces carry the potential to improve your smile. Smilekart in Nagpur provides braces for both teens and adults.

Operation of braces

With time, the braces will straighten and align your teeth for bite rectification.

Orthodontist at Smilekart

Our orthodontist will take a clinical examination followed by a digital scan related to your teeth. The treatment plan will follow this.

We provide braces treatment in Nagpur with the following braces:

Traditional braces

For the traditional braces, we make use of metal. Our dental specialist will use metal brackets and wires to realign the teeth over a period gradually. Some of the benefits are:

  • These are impactful for the treatment in challenging cases.
  • These are affordable as well as durable.
  • With traditional braces, you can straighten the teeth fast.

Disadvantages :

You will be subject to decalcification if you do not brush or floss in a good way at the time of wearing the metal braces.

Ceramic braces

The ceramic braces comprise ceramic material resembling the tooth's colour. They blend in a fast way, like the metal braces.

Advantages :

Such braces will do the prompt treatment of misalignment.

Disadvantages :

These braces can stain if you do not maintain them properly. Some of the individuals who wear these may complain about discomfort.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are linked to the back of the teeth and not to the front. If you want to make use of the lingual braces, you have the option to discuss it with the orthodontist. You can speak about your oral situation.

Advantages :

You cannot detect the lingual braces at the time of your smile.

Disadvantages :

The cost factor for these can be high, and there are reports by some about the discomfort.

Procedure at Smilekraft
  • Installation of the spacers or rubber bands
  • Putting the brackets
  • Placing the band
  • Adding the archwire
Post-procedure care

For the braces in Nagpur, you can take guidelines for additional dental care. You need to abide by the prescription provided by our dental specialist. We will talk about the new method of flossing and brushing.


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