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Infrastructure and Equipment

At Smilekraft, we offer you the best dental treatments in an environment that is both hygienic and progressive with the latest in technology that dentistry has to offer. With our qualified and experienced doctors keeping abreast with the latest in Dental procedures, all our patients continually get treatment that is at par with global standards and procedures. We ensure that we cater to all your dental needs and give you a dental experience that will put you at ease and leave you smiling.

To aid our endeavors, our clinic is equipped with:

With these imported ergonomic dental chairs you will be comfortable throughout the dental procedures. They support the lower back and neck and promote good posture which will reduce your stress.Its design has been carefully crafted to offer maximum comfort and versatility. Pedal control of dental chair and activation by optical sensor provides convenience in operation and is a great ally in controlling cross infections.

Digital X-ray system drastically reduces radiation exposure compared to conventional X-ray systems. Digital X-raying with Image Plates and Sensors provides a quick and safe way to obtain pictures in highest quality. Films are flexible and thin for simple positioning avoiding any injury or discomfort during X ray procedure.You will be surprised to know that being digital X ray system, it's a Cable-free system. The best for you - Promised!

We use Camera Type(Wireless) , handy X ray source system which we can move from chair to chair so that you don't have to shift to other chairs for the X-rays during your dental treatment.

We use Rotary endodontic instrumentation that eliminates the need for strenuous manual cleansing of the canals and, offers a quicker, smoother root canal debridement technique. This makes the procedure faster, stress-free and accurate.

We are equipped with the latest and best Dental implant systems such as Nobel Biocare, Osstem, Equinox and WaneCore. We also have latest and advanced drilling system for implant procedures.


Apart from all our instruments and armamentarium we have Minor Operation theatre and Recovery Rooms, separate sterilization room. We also keep and emergency drugs, oxygen cylinder and other emergency equipment handy.