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Wisdom Tooth Removal In Nagpur

We have a very common notion that a wisdom tooth is painful. But do we know what causes the pain?

Wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt in our mouth at the age of 17-25 years. Sometimes it does not have enough space for its eruption and remains impacted. Impacted wisdom tooth causes gum swelling and food lodgment which in turn causes infection and pain. In some cases a perfectly erupted wisdom tooth may pain due to caries. Since it is situated at the corner of the mouth sometimes we are unable to clean it properly which causes its decay. In both cases we need to remove it to get rid of the pain. A wisdom tooth removal is done under LA or GA depending upon the case and the surgeon’s preference and takes around 20-30 minutes time.

Mr. Talwalkar visited Smilekraft with swelling in his gums and cheek around his wisdom tooth. We could see cheek bite marks along the wisdom tooth. He had immense pain in the gums around the wisdom tooth. He was taking medicines but as soon as the effect of the medicine was gone, in around 6 hours, the pain used to be back.

Because of his horizontally placed wisdom tooth, the adjacent molar was also decayed.

We removed his wisdom tooth without much discomfort and did a root canal treatment of the adjacent molar. Mr Talwalkar was pain-free within a few days and was happy.

If you are looking for wisdom tooth removal in Nagpur ,then Smilekraft is the place for you. Our team of Oral surgeons are known to provide the best oral surgery treatments over years. We care for our patients and make sure the best service is delivered to them in a painless comforting environment. So if you are having any problem regarding your wisdom tooth get in touch with us to know more about it and find a perfect solution for the same.

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Hands down one stop solution for all dental problems.,Dr Ketaki and Dr Shashwat are the best dentist in nagpur with utmost professional skills and expertise.,Initially I was apprehensive about tooth extraction but it was done so smoothly and painlessly that I didn't even realise and it was done.the procedure was well explained by docs and was done with utmost care and professionalism.,i was extremely comfortable during and after the procedure,i am totally releived of my pain.,I am very happy and satisfied.,the best infrastructure .,cleanest premise., the best staff.very caring and compassionate,highly highly recommend to everyone.,The best clinic.

Best Dental treatment in Nagpur. Highly recommended. I have extracted my wisdom tooth and filling of two teeth. I didn't even realise when they extracted my tooth. Full Painless procedure Thank you Dr. Shashwat