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Kid Dentist in Nagpur

All children are blessed with a full set of milk teeth and as parents it is our responsibility to take care of and nurture them.

World class solution for Kid Dentistry In Nagpur, Maharashtra offered at smilekraft dental clinic by Highly Trained Pedodontist.

Smilekraft offers kid dentistry in nagpur, we concerned with protection of the milk and permanent teeth and treatment of the dental problems of children between 0 -14 years of age.

Not only do the milk teeth help in chewing food but they also act as space savers of the permanent teeth which erupt at a later age. Early loss of milk teeth may lead to loss of space for its permanent successors causing

  •  Crowding of teeth
  •  Teeth getting blocked in bone
  •  Misalignment of teeth
  •  Gaps in permanent teeth

Hence to protect these teeth we practice preventive kid dentistry in nagpur as an important aspect of dental treatment for kids. It includes -

  • 1)  Dental Education: At the first appointment we teach children how to keep their mouth and teeth clean. Proper tooth brushing instructions are given to both children and their parents. We consider it as the most simple and inexpensive method for caries prevention.
  • 2)  Pit and Fissure Sealants:These are used to decrease the potential space for sticky and sugary foods to get trapped in the teeth so that the chances of caries are reduced.

As in adults the need for Pulpectomy arises when the caries reaches the nerves present in the center of the tooth. This may make your child irritable, he/she may deny eating, may avoid hot foods, and may complain of frank pain especially while chewing. You may also see reddish or swollen gums around the offending tooth with or without pus discharge.

In such cases pulpectomy i.e. the procedure in which the infection in the core of the tooth is cleaned and the pain sensation in the tooth is thereby lost. The core is then filled with a resorbable cement-like material which seals the tooth. It is essential to place a stainless steel crown over this weakened tooth to prolong its survival in your child's mouth till the appearance of the permanent tooth.

An important fact remains that regular check-ups can negate the need for pulpectomy as carious teeth if any will be taken care of by simple fillings.

Even after adequate efforts, if the milk tooth has to be removed, the resultant space must be maintained so that the permanent tooth has adequate space to come out.

This is achieved by means of special appliances known as space maintainers. These can be fixed on the remaining teeth without much discomfort.

Space maintainers are very affordable and allow proper , place-wise eruption of the permanent tooth by reducing the chances of misalignment of permanent teeth thereby decreasing the need for expensive orthodontic treatment later in life.

Many children are habituated to thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip/ nail biting, lip trapping, mouth breathing etc. these habits if not ended may prove to be detrimental to physical and functional aspect of facial development. More commonly, it may lead to protruded front teeth, openbite and other dental misalignments. Hence it is important that patients and parents must be educated and these habits be stopped in time.

Habit breaking appliances are easy to wear, not very difficult to get used to and essential for children (and parents!) desirous of trying to get rid of such habits.

Our Smile Story

It was Riya’s first visit to a dentist. Her parents complained of black spots on her front teeth and decreased intake. After taking Riya in confidence, she became a little talkative and told us that her lower tooth pains while chewing. She then allowed us to examine her. We found that not only were her front teeth decayed and needed fillings but also her molar tooth had decayed and it needed a root canal treatment (pulpectomy) and cap.

Showing excellent cooperation once she explained the procedure like a story, Riya let us do the fillings very bravely. In the next appointment, she let our Pedodontist (kid dentist) complete the root canal treatment and cap too! After the procedure was done, she said she was not afraid of dental treatments and dentists at Smilekraft were her favourite doctors.

Google Review

Took my kids age 9 and 6 to the clinic. Both were extremely comfortable with Dr. Ketaki and the procedure was done flawlessly. The appointment also started on time. Overall a very pleasant experience.