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Smilekraft Dental ClinicDental Clinic

Changing from the standard painful, dreary dental procedures, at Smilekraft Dental Clinic Nagpur you will experience tech-savvy, new-age dentistry. The pioneers of Futuristic Dentistry in Nagpur, India, this clinic will give you a new reason to smile!

SMILEKRAFT Dental Hospital is a medical value provider consisting of team of professionals in Nagpur City to offer easy access to the best dental care in Nagpur from the top Dentist in Nagpur, India.

Our objective is to provide dental care that will withstand the test of time, with the use of our modern equipment to deliver comforting and pleasing experiences.

Dr. Shashwat is the most preferred dentist in Dhantoli, Nagpur, Maharashtra. Smilekraft is one of the ergonomically designed dental clinic located in the heart of Nagpur City and it is undoubtedly a choice for all those folks looking for top best dentist.


With Dental clinics and hospitals springing up at every nook and corner, it is a challenging task to decide one that suits all your requirements as well as makes you feel comfortable. We don't over claim or promise impossible things. What we do assure you is painless dental treatment which is comfortable for you and your family. We ensure that your treatment will be a positive dental experience.

Within the Nagpur city which is expanding in all the directions, we are located in Dhantoli, Nagpur an area which is accessible to most of Nagpur.

Our peaceful, State of the Art clinic and warm welcoming staff encourages you to return for regular checkups and banishes any apprehension about dental treatments. An inviting reception area welcomes you into our dental clinic and ensures that your waiting time (if any!) is comfortable before your appointment.

As opposed to other dental clinics we don't refer patients elsewhere but prefer to offer all dental treatment under one roof. Hence we have a team of specialists for every field of dentistry including denture and crown specialist (prosthodontist), tooth alignment specialist (orthodontist) gum specialist (periodontist) and root canal specialist (endodontist). We also have special facilities for children undergoing dental treatment.

Smilekraft practices ethical business principles in medicine, treatment and strives for patient satisfaction and delight.


Diagnosis Unique problems & Oral surgery

Highest Standards

Highest Standards of dental treatment


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Smilekraft Dental Clinic, your one stop solution for all kind of dental treatment in Nagpur. Smilekraft's has very experienced Dentist in Nagpur, they create natural beautiful smile.

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We are committed to quality and safety.

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We have a team of experienced dentist.

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We have 24 Hour Emergency Service for patients who need us.

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We prefer to keep our language and our solutions friendly, simple and effective.