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Painless Dental Treatment in Nagpur

LASER has proven to be a groundbreaking advancement in the field of medicine. In dentistry they have paved the way for painless dental treatment; thus making the dentist more approachable to those apprehensive about pain in dental treatment.

At Smilekraft, we practice LASER assisted dentistry to reduce heat, vibrations and pressure associated with dental drills that makes us one of the dental practices that offer Painless Dental Treatment In Nagpur. Though we cannot eliminate dental drills entirely yet, we can definitely reduce the intensity of pain by means of LASER.

Few preferred applications of dental LASER -

  •  Gingival depigmentation
  •  Gingival contouring, gingivoplasty
  •  Soft tissue crown lengthening procedure
  •  Root canal disinfection and cleaning during RCT
  •  Excision of pathological tissue

At SMILEKRAFT we have experienced trained LASER specialist who will make your dental treatment painless. If you wish to experience painless dental treatment in Dhantoli then book an appointment today.