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Missing tooth : To replace or not to?

Why, you may ask, is replacement of teeth necessary? Those patients who think that not replacing a tooth is also a good option – Beware! Because the space created by the missing tooth gets filled by excessive eruption of the tooth above/ below it and tilting of the teeth in front of and behind the missing tooth. So you might have 3 more teeth that need treatment later on.

Not only do the missing teeth affect the other adjacent teeth but also cause discomfort in chewing and alteration of food habits. The chewing efficiency of people with multiple missing teeth and denture wearers is greatly reduced; making simple, functional tasks like eating difficult. Around 98% of people with multiple missing teeth and denture wearers prefer to eat soft mushy foods. Faulty chewing habits may also lead to problems in digestion.

Multiple missing teeth cause atrophy of the jaw bones in that region, leading to change in facial appearance and a seemingly “old face”. Such an appearance is due to increased hollowing of the cheeks and increased wrinkles around the mouth. Multiple missing teeth and resulting decreased support for jaw closure may also lead to pain or discomfort in the jaw joint (Temporomandibular Joint).

Replacing the missing tooth/ teeth with a denture or bridge or dental implant maintains the position of the other adjacent teeth and also prevents the undesirable consequences thereof.

So when do you plan to put that tooth back in!??