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My dentures move! Can they be fixed?

This is the most common complaint of many denture wearers, especially a couple of years after having worn the same denture. Why settle for a loose denture? In fact, why settle for a denture, when you can have fixed teeth and that too in a day! Isn’t it wonderful?

Dental implants have made this possible. As you know Dental implants are medical grade Titanium screws (the same titanium that hips and knees used for joint replacement are made of) inserted into the jaw bones. A tooth like structure is fixed on to this screw, thereby replacing a single tooth with a single implant or multiple teeth with multiple implants.

Dental implants are the logical solution to replacement of teeth as they are more long lasting than all the other methods of teeth replacement. With the increase in our average lifespan we expect implants to serve better for the rest of your life.

Dental implants afford a great advantage in replacing missing teeth because:

  • Dental implants allow you a more comfortable and natural eating experience as the dentures do not move at all while chewing.
  • They give a more natural feel and look as compared to dentures and bridges.
  • They are fixed! You do not need to remove them or maintain them much different than the natural teeth.
  • They do not harm, in any way, the adjacent teeth if any.
  • Placement of fixed teeth using dental implants makes you feel younger!

Watch the short clip to really understand the importance of fixed teeth.